About Puffins Read & Learn

At Puffins Read & Learn each child will be placed in a class based on their age and current skill level. With enrolment your child may be assessed to ensure they are placed in the most suitable class. All our classes support the Early Learning National Framework and the NSW K-12 Curriculum.

Puffins Sounds, Early Readers and  Puffins Readers classes –  Each class builds on the previous class, so that if your child completes all classes they will be ready learners by the time they start school and for children that are currently going to school, they will become confident learners as we provide your child with the  skills they need to improve their literacy skills at school. We strive in providing our students with a solid foundation in reading.

Don’t wait for your child to start school for their education to begin — just drop off your child and let us do the work! The world renowned Jolly Phonics programme is implemented throughout our classes. Multiple studies have proved the great benefits of Jolly Phonics and its effect on children’s reading and writing. For our Early Readers classes we also incorporate the Fitzroy program.Children using the Fitzroy Readers typically reach a high standard of literacy by the time they enter early secondary schooling.

Our Puffins Primary classes (K-12) – each child will undergo a reading and comprehension test to be placed in a suitable class based on their needs.  Each class has a literacy focus that is customised to the small group. We cover all literacy skills such as, reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.   We support children with NAPLAN preparation for Grades 3, 5 and 7. We will provide your child with the skills they need to become confident in all areas of literacy

Our Puffins Maths classes (K-12) support the NSW K-6 and 7-12 curriculum.  Our specialised Mathematics teacher aims at customising the class to the groups needs ensuring each child needs are met.

We have recently introduced Science classes, which cover mini topics and are hands on. Kids love this class and all ages are welcome.

We also run NAPLAN classes and Holiday workshops.  We offer Science workshops during the school holidays.

Our classes are small so your child will have more one on one time where our teachers can focus on building the skill they need.

More information on each class is provided in our classes section on the website

Please note: Parents are not permitted to attend classes with their child. Children will receive a special portfolio featuring a collection of their work over each term as well as take home activities from each class.