Puffins Early Readers

  • age range 3-7 years
  • class duration 40 minutes
  • course duration 10 weeks
  • class size 5-7 children
  • price $250

This class is suitable for children who are familiar with most of the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. In this class we revise the letter-sound relationships and your child will start to write letters. They will begin to sound out and blend three letter words (CVC, consonant – vowel – consonante.g. Cat , dog). Our experienced teachers use a variety of fun engaging techniques to support your child in giving them the skills to sound out three letters words and ways to apply these strategies when they come across simple unfamiliar words.

Some key outcomes of this class are

  • Revise all 26 sounds
  • Use knowledge of letters and sounds to blend short (2 & 3 letter) words
  • Create 2 and 3 letter words
  • 20 sight words – automatically recognise high-frequency words (words that are used a lot in texts)
  • Identify a new word when asked to delete or add a new sound to an existing word