Puffins Readers

  • age range 4-8 years
  • class duration 40 minutes
  • course duration 10 weeks
  • class size 5 children
  • price $250

This class is suitable for children who know the single letter sounds of the alphabet and can blend basic 3  letter words. In this class children will revise blending skills and support children with sounding out words containing more than three letters (CCVC, consonant – consonant – vowel – consonant e.g. glad, crab, clap) (CVCC, consonant – vowel – consonant – consonant,e.g. jump, sink, sent). This class will also support your child in learning tricky words in their sight word list. Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out (e.g. the, was)  and introduce other effective decoding strategies to give your child the skills to read when they come across an unfamiliar word. These children learn the double letter sounds of the alphabet (digraphs, which are sounds such as oy as in boy or ir as in bird), participate in reading and comprehension activities

Some key outcomes of this class are

  • Builds on children’s knowledge and understanding about blending different sounds
  • Identifies and blending digraphs e.g sh, ph, ea etc
  • Reads tricky words
  • Begins to read with fluency and expression, responding to punctuation.