Puffins Sounds

  • age range 3-4 years
  • class duration 40 minutes
  • course duration 10 weeks
  • class size 5-7 children
  • price $250

Our introductory beginners class is for young budding learners who can gain a head start on literacy skills. In this class the relationship between letters and sounds is taught and reinforced in a fun imaginary environment. We use stories, craft, rhyme, music and games to engage your child and support them in learning about the sounds.   In this class your child will recognise letters and their sounds building a strong foundation in reading and writing. Knowledge of sounds is the first step in your child’s reading.  Children take home a craft activity each lesson.

Some key outcomes of this class are

  • Learn the alphabet
  • Recognise the relationship between letters and sounds
  • Practise correct letter formation
  • Uses correct pencil grip
  • Recognise basic book conventions, e.g. open and hold books correctly, turn pages
  • by the end of 2 terms children should recognise 20-26 sounds and start blending.