School Holiday Workshops

Monday 16th April 2018 –  Saturday 28th April 2018

Over the School Holiday break we are offering a variety of  fun and educational  workshops designed to teach children in a hands-on relaxed environment.  We have on offer 40 minute and 80 minute workshops .  You are welcome to enrol your child in one or many workshops.

Sounds Workshop (2 – 5 years)

In this workshop your little one will learn some of the single letter sounds of the alphabet,  learn the songs and participate in a fun craft activity to reinforce the sound. This workshop is for children aged 3-5 years. ( 40 minute workshop)

NAPLAN Workshop (Grades 3, 5, 7 & 9)

Children will participate in Maths and English activities aimed at NAPLAN Prep for years 3, 5,  7 and 9.

  • Work through past papers
  • Writing, reading, comprehension, grammar, spelling & punctuation
  • Mathematics

Science Explorers Workshop (for all ages)

Our Science Workshops are  taught by a qualified k-12 Science teacher.  They are themed around particular areas of science and include such topics  as

Solar System, Magnetism, Rocketry & Propulsion, Air resistance and Forces, Density & Matter, Chemistry, Gravity & Free Fall, and Buoyancy.

Children actively participate in a science activity in which they discuss important concepts, discover  and create.  They are introduced to scientific  techniques and terminology.

Every child  takes a creation home with them.

All concepts taught align with the NSW NESA syllabus.

Children of all ages are welcome to join.

Science Workshop Topics

Space The solar system Children make an impressive rotating model of the solar system and learn important facts about space and our galaxy.  (This workshop requires 80 minutes)
Propulsion Rocketry Children make a mini rocket that works and learn about propulsion. (This workshop requires 40 minutes)
Gravity/Forces Roller Coaster Children learn about forces, gravity and free-fall by making a roller coaster. (This workshop requires 80 minutes)
Inertia/Forces Spinning Toy Children learn about motion and Newton’s Law of Inertia by making a spinning toy. (This workshop requires 40 minutes)
Air Resistance Parachute Children learn about air resistance and gravity by making a working parachute. (This session requires 40 minutes)
Chemistry Slime Children learn about chemical reactions by making slime. (This session requires 40 minutes)
Buoyancy Boat Children learn about buoyancy by making a working floating boat. (This session requires 80 minutes)
Matter/Density Rainbow Jar Children learn about density and matter by making a rainbow jar.  (This session requires 40 minutes)


Art & Craft Workshop (for all ages)

Children participate in a range of craft activities. Some of these workshops run over two classes, so please make sure you enrol in both. Here are the activities, please view the timetable to see which day/time each activity will run.

Art Workshop Activities

Plaster mask children will make a mask of their face (please note this activity  requires 2 classes , class one – 80 min ,  class two – 40min)
Fondant children will learn how to colour fondant and then make small figurines (80 min class)
Paper mache  children will make a fruit bowl using paper mache (please note this activity  requires 2 classes , class one – 40 min ,  class two – 40min)
Clay magnet/decoration children will use oven clay to make a magnet or room decoration (80 min class)
Topiary room decoration children will  learn how to make a small potted plant out of beads (80 min class)

How do I enrol?

Read the workshops on offer.

Select a workshop/s you would like your child to attend.

View the timetable to see when your selected workshops are on.

Contact us either via email of phone to book your child in their preferred workshop, day and time.


Cost of Workshops

40 minute workshop  ($25)

80 minute workshop ($50)

A 5% discount will be applied if you enrol in more than three workshops.